Doctor Who, Christmas Specials

Doctor Who, Christmas Specials

Doctor Who

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Date de sortie: 2005-12-25
  • Episodes: 7
  • Prix iTunes: USD 6.99
1,574 Evaluations


The Doctor Who Christmas special is essential viewing in millions of homes every year. Now you can enjoy them together in this special collection featuring both David Tennant and Matt Smith as the Doctor. These memorable Christmas Specials feature the Doctor battling a band of Santa-shaped assassins; the spaceship RMS Titanic on the verge of catastrophe; the Cybermen stalking the streets of Victorian London, the angry bride who mysteriously appears inside the TARDIS, and a captivating song unlocking the planet’s atmosphere just in time for a snowy Christmas Eve.


Titre Durée Prix
1 The Christmas Invasion (2005) 59:10 USD 1.99 Sur iTunes
2 The Runaway Bride (2006) 1:00:17 USD 1.99 Sur iTunes
3 Voyage of the Damned (2007) 1:12:00 USD 1.99 Sur iTunes
4 The Next Doctor (2008) 1:00:29 USD 1.99 Sur iTunes
5 The End of Time, Pt. 1 (2009) 59:53 USD 1.99 Sur iTunes
6 The End of Time, Pt. 2 (2009) 1:12:39 USD 1.99 Sur iTunes
7 A Christmas Carol (2010) 1:01:57 USD 1.99 Sur iTunes


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