Chuck, Season 3

Chuck, Season 3


  • Genre: Comédie
  • Date de sortie: 2010-01-10
  • Age: Tout public
  • Episodes: 18
  • Prix iTunes: EUR 35.82
  • Prix iTunes HD: EUR 44.82
497 Evaluations


Zachary Levi stars as Chuck Bartowski, the Buy More electronics store computer geek who unwittingly becomes the government's most vital secret agent. At the end of Season 2, Chuck was transformed into the Intersect 2.0 after receiving another data download into his brain. This time, he not only knows government secrets, he knows kung fu! Chuck finally has the potential to become a real agent. There's just one problem — his emotions. Can Chuck keep them in check as he assumes his new role as the Intersect 2.0? His handlers, Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and John Casey (Adam Baldwin), will still be there to protect him, but they also must help him become the agent he is destined to be. Chuck’s third season features more missions, more action, and guest stars galore, including Brandon Routh as CIA Agent Daniel Shaw; Kristin Kreuk as Hannah, a potential love interest for Chuck; Angie Harmon; Robert Patrick; Armand Assante; Steve Austin; and Vinnie Jones.


Titre Durée Prix
1 Chuck Versus the Pink Slip 43:00 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
2 Chuck Versus the Three Words 42:56 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
3 Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte 42:59 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
4 Chuck Versus Operation Awesome 42:59 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
5 Chuck Versus First Class 42:59 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
6 Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler 42:59 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
7 Chuck Versus the Mask 42:59 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
8 Chuck Versus the Fake Name 42:59 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
9 Chuck Versus the Beard 43:14 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
10 Chuck Versus the Tic Tac 43:03 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
11 Chuck Versus the Final Exam 42:59 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
12 Chuck Versus the American Hero 42:57 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
13 Chuck Versus the Other Guy 42:59 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
14 Chuck Versus the Honeymooners 42:57 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
15 Chuck Versus the Role Models 42:58 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
16 Chuck Versus the Tooth 42:57 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
17 Chuck Versus the Living Dead 42:53 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes
18 Chuck Versus the Subway and Chuck Versus 1:25:14 EUR 1.99 Sur iTunes


  • Super série

    Par Oscar_Shen
    Super série mais dommage que sa s'arrête. Pas de saison 6 ;(
  • Excellent

    Par Geoffrey Chevtchenko
    Cette série est vraiment bien,tout un monde d'espion...