The Lost Tribe

The Lost Tribe

Par Roel Reiné

  • Genre: Horror
  • Date de sortie: 2009-11-07
  • Age: Unrated
  • Durée: 1h 29min
  • Réalisateur: Roel Reiné
  • Société de production: Avatar Entertainment Group
  • Pays de production: United States of America
  • Prix iTunes: USD 12.99
  • iTunes prix récent: USD 3.99
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On a remote tropical island, an archeological team unearths a prehistoric secret so dangerous that none of them will live to reveal it. Then, when a group of friends is shipwrecked on the island, they discover the terrifying truth about what the scientists found – it’s very much alive, freakishly strong and has a taste…for humans. Golden Globe nominee Lance Henriksen (Terminator, Aliens) stars with Emily Foxler (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past), Nick Mennell (Friday the 13th, Halloween) and Brianna Brown (Knocked Up) in this pulse-pounding horror-thriller from the director of Marine 2.