Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson

Par Sydney Pollack

  • Genre: Drama
  • Date de sortie: 1972-12-21
  • Age: PG
  • Durée: 1h 55min
  • Réalisateur: Sydney Pollack
  • Société de production: Sanford Productions (III)
  • Pays de production: United States of America
  • Prix iTunes: USD 12.99
  • iTunes prix récent: USD 3.99
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Superstar Robert Redford ("Up Close and Personal," "Indecent Proposal") stars in this powerful and unforgettable wilderness epic of a man who turns his back on civilization and learns a new code of survival in a brutal land of isolated mountains and hostile Indians. The Los Angeles Times calls this box-office hit "an uncommon, extraordinarily appealing film experience," directed by Sidney Pollack ("The Firm," "Tootsie") and written by John Milius ("Apocalypse Now," "Magnum Force") and Academy Award-winner Edward Anhalt ("Member of the Wedding," "Panic in the Streets").