Saratoga Trunk

Saratoga Trunk

Par Sam Wood

  • Genre: Drama
  • Date de sortie: 1946-02-20
  • Age: NR
  • Durée: 2h 14min
  • Réalisateur: Sam Wood
  • Société de production: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Pays de production: United States of America
  • Prix iTunes: USD 5.99
  • iTunes prix récent: USD 1.99
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When her mother dies, vivacious Clio Dulaine (Ingrid Bergman) returns to her childhood home in New Orleans to seek revenge for the humiliation her mother suffered as a Creole woman in an aristocratic family. She vows to marry a rich man to attain the status and respectability her mother never had but falls for Texas gambler Clint Maroon (Gary Cooper) instead. When Maroon heads to Saratoga Springs for horseracing season, Clio follows him there to seek her fortune — or someone else's.